Maciej Obara

Maciej Obara

Maciej Obara is a Polish saxophone player and improviser, characterised by his discernible phrasing and powerful sound.

Obara is a musician who has consequently developed his own musical language from the very beginning of his career, and, despite collaborations with artists from Japan, USA and Europe, his main focus remains his original quartet with Dominik Wania on piano, Ole Morten Vaagan on double bass and Gard Nilssen on drums.

The members of the band represent a narrow group of European jazz musicians who consciously and uncompromisingly avoid musical literality, and create their own clearly distinguishable sound.

The most recent album, “Unloved”, is Obara's ninth original recording, and was released in November 2017 on the prestigious Munich record label ECM. Released recordings and live concerts at the most important jazz festivals in the world have built well-deserved and unmistakeable brand of the saxophonist.


Maciej Obara / Dominik Wania
Stare Siolo Wetlina / PL
Maciek Grzywacz Quartet
Gdańskie Noce Jazsowe Gdańsk / PL
Maciej Obara Quartet – “Unloved”
ECM 50 / Victoria Oslo / NO
Maciej Obara Quartet – “Unloved”
Abtei Liesborn / Munsterland Festival Wadersloh / DE
Maciej Obara Quartet – “Unloved”
Leipzig Jazztage / DE